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Outdoor Lighting, Mosquito Mist & Outdoor Sound Systems in Houston, TX & Surrounding Areas

Invite friends and family to your home after transforming your yard with outdoor lighting, mosquito mist and sound systems from Mirage Outdoor Lighting in Houston/Cypress, Texas.

Outdoor Lighting
Mirage Outdoor Lighting provides personalized lighting designs to match your outdoor home design. Mount lights in your trees, accent your flower beds with moonlight effects, and create silhouettes for your house and fences with our energy efficient LED lighting system. We will come to your home to estimate the capacity of your land area, provide a project proposal and give you an overview of what your future lighting design will look like.


Swimming Pool, Outdoor Lighting in Cypress, TX

Mosquito Mist System
Protect your family with fully automated and maintenance free mosquito mist systems that kills mosquitoes, spiders, flies, ticks, fleas, and roaches. Our mosquito mist system is effective, safe to use, and affordable.

Mist/Cooling System
Give your patio a relaxing mist and cooling effect with a personalized high-pressure cooling system designed to fit the perimeter of your patio. With our mist/cooling systems, you can enjoy the outdoors even in the middle of the summer.

Outdoor Sound System
Transform your backyard design with our personalized outdoor sound system. We provide patio, landscape, and rock speakers specially designed for outdoor use. Our speakers feature a unique outdoor volume control to let you adjust the sound volume without having to go inside your home.


With our lighting designs we can illuminate:
•Flower beds

We Use Only Great Quality  Brands, Which Include:

FX Luminaire, Moon Vision, Greenlee, Hadco, Vista, Focus, Kichler, Lithonia, Mistaway, Bugdefence, Coastal Mister

 Our Large Inventory of Fixtures, Bulbs & Products Include: 


Low Voltage, Energy Efficent LED, MR-16, Moon Lighting , Tree Lighting, Up Lighting, Down Lighting, Mosquito Mist Systems, Cool Mist Systems, Sound Systems and more 






                                         MOSQUITO MIST SYSTEMS

                                     THE MOSQUITO MIST AWAY SYSTEM

                                                       KILLS OR REPELS:

                                                 *Mosquitoes             *Fleas
                                                 *Spiders                    *Roaches
                                                 * Flies                        *Wasps
                                                 * Ticks                       *Gnats
What are the benefits of the Mosquito Mist Away System?
The Mosquito Mist Away System effectively eliminates mosquitoes and other biting insects from your yard. It is fully automated and maintenance free. It provides protection from insects for your family and pets.
Is the Mosquito Mist Away System easy to operate?
Yes, all you do is set the timer, and at the designated time, a light mist is released into the air eliminating bothersome mosquitoes and biting insects.

A fully automated timer combines reliability with ease-of-use. You simply set the timer, and at the designated time, a light mist is released into the air, eliminating bothersome mosquitoes and other biting insects.
You will never have to purchase or spray harmful chemicals around your family or pets again.

Pyrethrum is an insecticide extracted from Chrysanthemum flowers. It has low toxicity. It is completely safe and it is EPA approved, water based and biodegradable. It never leaves a residue. 

* Protects family & pets
* Low Toxicity
* Non-carcinogenic
* Water based
* Biodegradable


Stay Cool Year Round!

We can install a high-pressure system along the following:

  • patio covers
  • eaves of the house
  • fence
  • flower beds around swimming pools

Benefits of a Mist/Cooling System are:

  • up to 30 degrees drop in temperature
  • will not get wet
  • enjoy the outdoors in the heat of summer



Choose a combination of these different types of speakers: rock, patio, and landscape speakers. We will install an outdoor volume control for convenient adjustment of the volume.

Let's Rock !



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